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November 26, 2015

How Mystery Shopping Can Grow Your Business.

A mystery shopping campaign can quickly root out a problem in your business quickly and effectively.

mysteryshoppingHiring good staff is a difficult task for any business and once you have them you do not want them to leave. However for some staff however good they are on paper, when it comes dealing with your clients, they have got it all wrong and they are costing you money and new business.

You can be sure on most occasions that it’s not deliberate to sabotage your company and staff just need to be properly trained. However on other occasions it can be deliberate as an employee may have some sort of grudge against you.. But how do you find this out without busting the bank and bugging the building?

You start a mystery calling campaign!

A mystery calling campaign can start immediately and you can have results in a week!

It really does not get better than that for any business owner to have real results from real questions to make positive changes from within your company without fear of criticism or repercussion.

After a mystery calling campaign has completed you will know exactly what is happening in your business and the steps required to make the changes you desire for better performance from your employees, to ensure your company is being represented as you wish.

The cost of Mystery calling services like these are usually pretty expensive to get started. However the Dental Marketing Agency are here to help you streamline your practice and weed our problematic staff, quickly and cost effectively.

We are offering an introductory trial package for 2 recorded calls with full reports to test the service for ONLY £79!

Call packages start from only £99 per month for 5 recorded calls with a minimum 3 month contract.

You set the questions you want answered

We make the calls and send you the results delivered directly to your inbox.

Get in touch today to find out how to get started with this quick and easy method of discovering how your staff really represent you and your company.  Find out how they deal with new enquiries and new customers coming into your business. It could literally save you a fortune or even your business in the long run..

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