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The easy way to end white space and get your appointment book filled!

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Most dental practices are not using marketing as the key to survival.  The vast majority of dentists also do not use their practice management software for marketing purposes either at all or very sparingly.

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Our patient reactivation fees are the same across the board. From a practice in Harley Street to a small local dentist serving his community our prices are remain the same PLUS you only pay on results. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by getting back in touch with those past clients

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This leaves you free to do what you do best and that is to care for your patients. With hiring the Dental Marketing Agency you only pay for results, compare that to an ad in the local paper for £500 where you have no idea how successful the ad was ..if at all, or alternatively why not ONLY pay for the patients who have actually visited your practice.  This is not pay per lead, this is pay per lead on steroids.

You only pay AFTER they have had their appointment, if it’s a no show then you do not pay. What can be fairer than that? There are not many win win situations that come up like this in real life, but this really is one of them.

Your practice management software is your lifeblood but you are just not using it effectively.

We understand that having the front desk calling past patients during working normal hours is not the most practical. It’s an inconvenience at best as the person is usually at work and it will most likely annoy them.

We want them to come back, not annoy them therefore our usual call times are in the evening when the people are at home and they have time to take the call and be responsive to our call.  We have found this to be the optimum calling period.

To get started your campaign right away all you have to do is get in touch using the contact form or call +2891 310010 and we will guide you through the process.

We welcome you to the Dental Marketing Agency and look forward to doing business with you.

Dental Marketing Agency

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