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Dental Mrketing

Are you are tired of looking at empty white space? If so then leave it us to fill your appointment books with as many appointments as you desire.

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Explode Profits

Take your profits to new dizzy heights with pay as you earn risk-free marketing. We book your appointments, you collect the revenue, you pay us.

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Free up Your Staff

We book you pay? What could be simpler than outsourcing your dormant patient reactivation to experts who know how to get the job done.

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Emergency Departments

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The Benefits Of Organic Search Listings

moneyThere is a goldmine sitting in your reception area that currently gets little to no use or attention and it is jam packed with revenue.

A busy dental practice has very little spare time to get in touch with past patients and these valuable patients will eventually lose forever.

The Dental Marketing agency will connect with your lapsed patients on your behalf and get them booked back into your surgery.

This is a very valuable resource and it is being overlooked by over 25% of all dental practices in the UK. Request your free demo today and get that empty white space filled.

The Benefits of Lapsed Patient Reactivation


Getting past patients back into your dental surgery is up to 7 times less expensive that attracting new clients so why do over 20% of all dental practices ignore this vital point when it can…

  • Increase your revenue
  • Uncover why the patient left the practice
  • All calls by UK based center
  • We book directly into your booking systems
  • A results-based service
  • You ONLY pay AFTER the appointment has been met
  • Risk-FREE Marketing
Let Us Call On Your Behalf


Let’s face it, your staff simply do not have the spare time to call lapsed patients, especially when your practice is busy it can be a real struggle PLUS there is the issue of tying up already busy phones lines.






  • Our specially trained telemarketing are highly qualified
  • We call on your behalf
  • We find out why they have not been back
  • We book them on to your system
  • We can book as many appointments as required
  • We call late afternoon to early evenings for best results.


FREE Market Research

market research

Get Invaluable Feedback On Your Practice

We send you reports daily of all appointment’s booked.

Reports of patients who have left the practice PLUS we find out why.

Reports of patients who did not return for treatments offered. We find out why.

This information is invaluable to your practice, not only to ascertain WHY the clients left but what YOU can do to IMPROVE your client’s retention and boost your profits.

This is free market research for your practice and should not be underestimated. Not only will you be getting your dormant patients back into the surgery (with as many appointments as you desire.) You ALSO get free list cleaning which allows you to remove past patients who no longer wish to be with your practice.

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